Pull&Play™ Sensory Toy
Pull&Play™ Sensory Toy
Pull&Play™ Sensory Toy
Pull&Play™ Sensory Toy
Pull&Play™ Sensory Toy

Pull&Play™ Sensory Toy

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One Toy. Endless Possibilities.

Introducing the Pull&Play™ Sensory Toy -  a fun and interactive way to stimulate your baby's senses and promote healthy brain development.

Designed with bright colours, soft textures, and various shapes to engage your baby's sense of sight, touch, and sound. 


- A variety of textures that your baby can safely explore with their hands, mouth and fingers.

- Helps strengthen motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

- Cords of different shapes. Some are easy to grasp and pull, while others are more challenging.

- Built-in rattle or bell to develop your baby's sense of sound.

- 100% Safe & Non Toxic

Take A Screen Break.

We know how hard it is to keep your kids entertained, so we created the perfect solution! Stop using videos on smartphones and tablets to distract your kids! Gift them a learning and sensory experience they've never felt before! 

Don't take our word for it.

Our sensory toys are recommended by physicians around the world! Studies show that sensory activities, such as pulling a textured rope or clicking a magnetic button distract the child 73% more effectively than a video on a smartphone.


"Now I can rest in peace, knowing my 7 month boy won't be teething on any cables, and has stopped screaming in the car!" - Mary A.  


Keep Your Kids Engaged And Entertained

The toy is lightweight and easy for your baby to hold and play with, making it the perfect on-the-go companion.

Help your baby discover the world around them with this fun and stimulating Baby Sensory Toy! 



- Quantity: 1x Pull&Play UFO Silicone sensory Toy
- Material: Silicone - non hazardous
- Age: 7+ months


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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Antonia Solís

It’s great the grandkids love it, they love picking it up, pulling it, messing with the poppers, it’s a really great item 😀

Conchita Zavala

This is instantly my baby's new favourite toy! There are so many different sensory things to explore. Lots of different colours, textures and things to feel. Each silicone dangly part is a different texture and feels different as it's pulled through the centre of the toy (some are wavy, some are nobbly etc). My baby is enjoying pulling them through and chewing on the round bits on each end of them! There are also 3 different coloured poppers and a button which flicks between 3 different circular holes when it's pressed in. The toy is easy to clean and air dry and I'll be getting another one for my baby nephew as I know he'll love it too! Very happy to recommend.

Timoteo Montoya

I got this ‘funny puller’ toy for a 1 year old. I picked this as it’s a bit more unusual than the regular baby toys you normally find, and doesn’t require batteries!The box is compact and well printed, not too much wasted packaging, which is great for the environment.The item itself is pretty cool. Looks well made from quality plastic and silicone, the colour is a bit toned down (not bright primary colours!) and looks like it should stand up to a bit of bashing. It’s easy to rinse clean and more hygienic than cloth toys.Good size makes it easily portable in a changing bag.It was easy for small hands to hold, not too heavy or bulky, and kept them entertained for quite a while, pulling at the cables and pushing the poppers.I’d recommend this baby toy and think it offers good value for money.

Dorotea Suárez

Ok, I may be biased, but I found this toy perfect for babies. I now have one attached to every place I know I’ll need it. There is one in the car, one on the buggy, one in the bag and one next to may baby’s cot.The box says ages 18m+ But I believe that’s just because they don’t want to take any risks. The strings are a bit long and they may be a choking hazard so I recommend always using them under supervision.It’s a very tactile toy and can grab your baby’s attention for quite a while. The material is made of is food grade silicone and it is BPA and Phtalate free so your baby can enjoy chewing on it with no worries at all. Lovely toy!

Virginia Córdova

It’s a nice toy for a baby and it keeps them entertained. My little one uses it more during a car ride than at home.

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