TummyTime™ Water Mat
TummyTime™ Water Mat
TummyTime™ Water Mat
TummyTime™ Water Mat
TummyTime™ Water Mat
TummyTime™ Water Mat
TummyTime™ Water Mat
TummyTime™ Water Mat

TummyTime™ Water Mat

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A Splash of Fun!

The TummyTime™ Water Mat is essential for your baby's developing head, neck and shoulder muscles! It is a sensory delight that helps to stimulate early brain & body development.

With its safe water-filled base and colourful sea creatures, your baby will be excited to splash, play and explore for hours on end, whilst also building critical physical and cognitive skills.

Bring The Beach Home 🐠

Leaving your baby on their belly a few minutes at a time helps work all the muscles in their upper body, promoting neck stability and head control.

Stimulation of these muscles is essential in order for your baby to reach important milestones throughout the first years of their life. 


  • Stimulate Healthy Muscle Development
  • Promote Crawling & Tummy Time
  • Colourful & Interactive
  • Foldable & Portable
  • Suitable for Indoors & Outdoors
  • Non-Slip Bottom
  • Easy to Drain & Refill
  • 100% Safe & Non-Toxic

"I bought this for my 5-month-old because she HATED tummy time and I thought this would help make it more interesting. It worked! She loves it!" - Chloe F.  


Hours of Fun! 

Made with durable and easy-to-clean materials, this mat is built to last and withstand the rigours of everyday use. The colourful sea creatures and designs will delight and entertain your baby for hours on end.


Compact and portable, it's perfect for both indoor and outdoor play. 



- Quantity: 1x TummyTime Water Mat
- Material: Silicone - non-hazardous
- Age: 7+ months

*Not Available in Stores

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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Jamie Schneider

Got this for my baby and he loved it.
The colours are bright and engaging.
It was easy to inflate. I didn't have a pump so blew it up. The water was easy to add and remove. Just the right size to keep baby (4-6) months occupied. He's 1 now and still likes to use the mat during play time.

Karen Emmerich

We always dreaded tummy time until we got this! Game changer. Bought one for a friend too bc it made such a difference to our baby. She went from hating tummy time and only using head strength during sling time to bossing it. Huge developments within a very quick time frame. She loved it and was so engaged. Definitely recommend even though it went against our no plastic toys lol.

Bell Gleichner

Was really useful for tummy time and got good exercise.

Enos Hessel

This was great a baby gift & the little shapes inside moved about well. Just remember to follow instructions to mix water when filling up. Stayed inflated for a long while before had to top up

Laurenz Schnürer

My nephew was struggling with tummy time and would get stressed. This was a super idea and resolved the struggle his parents were having!

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